Reviews for CWP

“I am an author and Heather at CyberwitchPress did a truly terrific job formatting “Life Changers: 10 true secrets that will change your life”, my 12th book. The entire project only took her about a week to complete; other formatters I have used took at least a month (or more) and did not do nearly as good a job as CyberwitchPress. CyberwitchPress was fabulously fast, always attentive, rapidly responsive, keenly knowledgeable and proficiently professional. An added plus, her fees were also very very reasonable. CyberwitchPress is, by far, the best formatter I have ever used. Five stars!”

Andrew Lawrence, author of

Life Changers: 10 true secrets that will change your life

“Here’s the thing.  Before I Indie published earlier this year, my knowledge of how to do anything computer-wise pretty much stopped at checking e-mail.  And maybe shooting Super Mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  Heather’s help was absolutely invaluable in walking me through formatting e-books for the full spectrum of outlets, and she did it with the skill of a surgeon and the patience of a saint.  With only a small amount of mockery for my neo-Luddite ways.:-)

M. Edward McNally, author of The Sable City, et al.”

The Sable City by M. Edward McNally

* * *

“I had been through a couple of formatters before I found Heather, and by that time I was pretty burned. They lost my formatting, put my chapters wherever they wanted on the page, and expected one document to serve all purposes.

Not Heather.

Heather went through my book line by line and tagged all my italics. She didn’t miss one, and believe me, I checked. She made sure they were in the epub doc for Nook, the doc for Smashwords, and the pdf that she made for me “just in case I needed it.” She got my glyphs in for all versions and most importantly, her can-do attitude and desire to get it right made Dead Is the New Black the release I am most comfortable with. It is PERFECT, and so is Heather.

I would never, ever, ever release a book again without Heather’s sure and careful hand at the formatting.”

Christine Demaio-Rice

Author of Dead is the New Black

* * *

“As an author, I’m always on the lookout for smart, talented people I can trust to help produce my ebooks.  All of my prayers were answered with Cyber Witch Press and Heather Adkins.  Thorough, responsive and with a great eye for detail, Cyber Witch gets the job done right, every time.  Fellow authors, if you want more time to write and need a formatting service you can depend on, look no further than Cyber Witch Press.”

-Amazon bestselling author Dani Amore

* * *

“I am not an easy client and I am very particular. I did not even know what formatting was. Heather was patient, accurate, fast, intuitive and my books are perfect and beautiful. I highly recommend her…The Cyber Witch really does work MAGIC!”

Penelope Crowe

Author of 100 Unfortunate Days

& Absorbed

One thought on “Reviews for CWP”

  1. So with my first novel, it only took me about two days to figure out how to format my book for Kindle – two weeks and a LOT of hair pulling for Smashwords. It’s okay, my hair will grow back. But what I will never get back is time that I could have used writing- time trying to figure out how to format a book that ended up looking like crap anyway. Heather’s formatting looks awesome! And she even included working links to my other books and a clickable table of contents. I suppose I could have done that myself had I taken an additional two weeks to two years to learn the program, but I think I’ll just have Heather do it instead. LOL!

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