Where to sign in:


Create your account.  Enter all the necessary information under account settings, such as your bank account, SSN, etc, just like Amazon and PubIt!.

Smashwords is intuitive for uploading, just like the other platforms.  On your dashboard under your account, you have a “Publish” button in the top bar.  It’s all pretty much the same except they have a “short description” and “long description” – your book blurb should be short enough to go in both sections or you can cut it down for the short.  But, be aware sometimes Smashwords distributes the short blurb to their distributors (iTunes, Sony, etc).

So, when you get to the file upload, upload your Smashwords formatted Word .doc.  It will ask you which formats you want: You want all of ’em, so just leave them checked and  choose “convert” to let Smashwords start the Meatgrinder.  This process converts the .doc into all those ebook formats.

When the upload is finished, there are a couple of possibilities of what will happen — Smashwords may come back to you with “Autovetter” errors (either on your Smashwords screen or by email). If they do, copy and paste whatever error it is into an email to me (if you’re my client) and I’ll fix it.  If you aren’t my client, I can try to tell you what you did wrong.

Now, if you don’t have any Autovetter errors, than YAY!!!

Go to your “Dashboard”.  On the left hand side, you’ll see the ISBN MANAGER.  Click that.  Choose your book in the list at the bottom of the page and “Add an ISBN”.  You’ll get 3 options: Free Smashwords ISBN, $10 Smashwords ISBN listing you as publisher, or submit your own ISBN.  There is a great write-up on that page of what all that means, so look over it. Pick whichever works for you (I usually choose the free).

Then, you’ll want to submit your book for premium distribution from your “dashboard” (Find the book in your dashboard, and at the last section of the table all the way to the right, it should say “needs submission” ). Click, it opens a new screen, choose “submit for review”).  Then, the Smashwords team will review it.  Once they approve it, it will be distributed to other ebook stores such as Kobo, Diesel, and Barnes & Noble.

CHANNEL MANAGER — From your dashboard, left hand side. This is where you choose where your book is to be distributed.  If you upload directly to iTunes and/or Barnes & Noble PubIt!, you’ll want to DEselect these two options from your channel manager, and then hit save at the bottom of the page.  If you DON’T do this, you’re gonna end up with two of your book on those websites.

As with any of the uploadings, if you have any questions or problems, I’m always available by email for questions.