Where to sign in:


Sign in using your already existing Amazon account OR create your new account based on the prompts.

The first time you log in, it should prompt you to fill out your KDP account information.  You’ll need the bank account and routing number for whatever account you want your royalties to go into.  Use your SSN as your TIN# — that’s just how they report your sales to the IRS.

Uploading a title is very intuitive.

Click the ADD NEW TITLE button, and it opens the upload screen.  Follow the instructions slowly, making sure you don’t miss anything.

Key points in the upload to help you through it:

  • You are *generally* not going to be public domain. Public domain is any piece of literature that has lived out its copyright, i.e. classics.
  • Pick a category based on what your book is about.  You can choose two, just browse through and decide.
  • Keywords are what people may search for at Amazon that you want your book to come up if they do.  If you’re uploading a Paranormal Romance, try “paranormal romance” or “romance” or “vampires” etc.  You can enter 7 keywords.  Consider them thoroughly.
  • Be sure to upload the mobi format book and your book cover.
  • Under sales information — you are generally going to own worldwide rights.  If it is otherwise, you should already know that. If you price the book at 99 cents or 1.99, you get a 30% royalty.  At 2.99 or up, you can have the 70%.  Be sure to check the box for keeping the same price in England, Germany, and the other Amazon channels.

When your information is in, just ACCEPT TERMS by checking the box, and then Submit and Publish.

If you have any problems, you’re welcome to email me (whether you’re a client or not).  It can take up to 2 days for the book to show at Amazon, so be patient!