Uploading to iTunes


Where to sign in:


Apple requires your account to be verified and approved by their team before you can ever upload your books.  So, create an account at the above link.  Follow their initial prompts to set up your account.  Wait out the process of approval.  When you’ve been approved, come back.

Download iTunes Producer from your iTunes account dashboard (the screen you see when you log in.)

Log in to Producer from your computer.

Choose +New Package

Choose BOOK

You will need an ISBN.  Many people just use their Smashwords ISBN.

From there, follow the prompts to enter the book’s info.  When adding the various bits of info, be sure you don’t leave any blank lines (such as in add author, or add store).

On Rights & Pricing you HAVE to enter EVERY one of the 32 stores.  This also means figuring out the conversion for every type of money.  It is time consuming. Be prepared.

Publication = upload your epub.

When done, hit DELIVER.

If you get an error in red above the uploading line – you’ll have to figure out what the error means and fix it in your epub.  I know exactly what iTunes wants from a book, yet even I still get errors.  Something tends to always slip through. (If I’m your formatter, just email me the error and I’ll fix it.)

Re-upload when the error is fixed.  You may get another.  Do it all over again.

When you get the BIG GREEN CHECK MARK — success!

If you have any questions or issues, shoot me an email.

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