“Midsummer Night’s Sidhe” will be the second CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology.

Now, because paranormal is my genre of choice, and I want the authors in these anthologies to be able to market to their fans for each other, these will be paranormal/urban fantasy/high fantasy anthologies. I’m currently planning on four anthologies a year with varying themes.

If you’re chosen for inclusion, these anthologies will not earn you money. I’m not paying for stories – I’m already going to be paying for cover art, proofreading, and the cost of my time spent professionally formatting. All of that is free to you, the author.

But I’m also not charging you to submit your stories like some small presses. You will receive free copies of the ebooks to send to whomever you wish, and if you want to order a print copy, I’ll have those available for you at cost (whatever it costs to print and ship from Createspace, generally $6 or $7, or even less depending on length of the anthology.)

What you will get from these anthologies is cross-promotion among all of the authors involved, free visibility among the top ebook platforms, and another book in your name and on your resume. For authors who are new to publishing, this is a fun way to get your name out there. For authors who aren’t, you can never have too many ways for people to find you. In a crowded room, you must shout the loudest to be heard.

All CyberWitch anthologies will be released on every platform as FREE. For Amazon, who does not allow $0 pricing, we will take advantage of the price match feature to get the book dropped to free. In this event, the book will be 99c until the point at which the price drops. If any sales are made on Amazon in that time, those sales will remain with CyberWitch Press to offset the costs that go into creating a book. CyberWitch Press is not looking to make a profit off of these anthologies; it is about marketing, promotion, and visibility for the authors involved (and ultimately for the CyberWitch and her formatting business.)





Midsummer’s Night Sidhe will be a paranormal/supernatural/fantasy anthology set in the heat of summer and utilizing any branch of the fae etymology you wish: fairies, sidhe, banshees, elves, etc. Find more options at Wikipedia.

DUE DATE FOR STORIES: Monday, July 4, 2016

Release Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Genre/Theme: paranormal/supernatural/fantasy of any variation (romance, non-romance, thriller, etc.)

Length: less than 10,000 words (exceptions may be made for longer stories! CWP will not be picky about length.)

Your story cannot be published anywhere else before submission, and it cannot be published anywhere else during the nine-month contract you will sign. When the nine-months is up, you’re welcome to publish the story on your own, with the understanding that it will still remain in the anthology indefinitely. I chose nine-months so that you’d have plenty of time to redress your story for summer next year, if you so choose.

By accepting placement in a CWP anthology, you agree to give exclusive rights to CyberWitch Press to publish in print and electronic format for nine months from publication date, after which CyberWitch press retains nonexclusive rights to continue to publish for the life of the anthology.

Your story must arrive to us in final draft status. CyberWitch Press will do a final edit before publication, and will be hiring a proofreader before publication to check for typos and grammar. This is at no cost to the author.

By accepting placement in a CWP anthology, you also agree to be active in the promotion of this anthology on your mailing list, blog, website, social media platforms, etc. Anthologies like this work when everybody is involved.

To include in your submission, in a single word processing doc:

  •  the story in its final draft
  • one paragraph author bio (2-3 sentences, include a hyperlink to your website/blog)
  • If you have a book you want to highlight, you may have a single page after your story to include the cover (send as a separate jpg), synopsis, and a purchase link.

SEND SUBMISSIONS NO LATER THAN MONDAY JUNE 13TH TO and include “Midsummer Night’s Sidhe Submission” in your Subject field.

If you are accepted for inclusion, the CyberWitch will contact you within 1-2 weeks with an offer of acceptance, upon which you will sign an electronic contract that states all of the above rules.

Thank you so much! I hope you choose to join in the fun!