All of my formatting is rooted in HTML.  Don’t let ANYONE tell you that it’s okay to upload a Word doc to Amazon because it is absolutely not okay.  Ebooks are meant to work like websites – in html – in any other form, you lose quality and function.

I hand code your document in an html editor, replacing quotation marks, ellipses, M-dashes, italics, and other foreign characters with the proper codes necessary.  I do not use Word for any part of my ebook formatting.

For novels under 100k words:

  • mobi AND epub — $75
  • ONLY mobi — $50
  • ONLY epub — $50

For novels over 100k words:

  • mobi AND epub — $100
  • ONLY mobi — $75
  • ONLY epub — $75

I reserve the right to charge extra if there are an abnormally large number of chapters or special formatting elements.