What is fancy formatting?  It’s STUFF.

Check this out:

And this:

If you provide me with the fleuron (the image) or the idea that you have, I can place it in your book.

You can have a glyph under the actual chapter heading, OR you can opt for the glyph to BE the chapter heading.  Like this:

More examples:



Also, check out this post on my interior print formatting.

I can also do images in a specific font for the chapter headings — like if you want to use the cover font of your book as the font for your chapter headings, I can do that by making images of those headings. Like so:


I can do pretty much anything you could hope for.  However, fancy formatting costs more because it is MUCH more time consuming.

On top of my FULL PACKAGE price, it is $100 more to incorporate fancy stuff in the full package or $50 for just one file (ie if we do only the print version or only the mobi version.)

Fancy formatting can really set your book apart from the crowd.  I highly recommend doing it 🙂