Are you broke but you want to be absolutely sure your book is professionally formatted? Awesome – because that’s the attitude every single author should take when it comes to releasing their books. The interior formatting is just as important as your cover and editing.

So, I want to help you. I’m offering a rock-bottom budget format. For a flat rate of $30, you will get a professionally formatted ePub you can use to upload to all platforms. There are a couple set-backs to doing it this way.

  • It will say Smashwords Edition in the copyright page (to make it eligible for Smashwords.) Of course, if you’re not publishing to Smashwords, we can skip this step.
  • It will not have ANY links in it except to your website/social media. (You can’t put competitor links in an ebook you upload to a certain platform.)
  • Amazon will not have an NCX – this is the built-in Table of Contents. When you upload an epub to KDP, it doesn’t save the NCX. For fiction novels, you can honestly live without it, because no one is going to use it. But be prepared¬†that once in a blue moon, someone might complain.
  • It will be a very simple format: chapter headings, asterisk scenebreaks, and plain body text. Nothing special about the layout; simple and clean. If you have hidden poems/lyrics/newspaper headlines/letters/emails within the text, I will charge $10 extra for the time it takes to code them.
  • Only these elements allowed: dedication, body text, acknowledgements, and about the author. I will have a standard title page and copyright page already made up, and you do not have a say in the layout of the book. (Title Page, copyright, dedication, body of the book, acknowledgements, about the author.) If you want to add a Note to the Readers or info on your previous books or any other pages, I will charge $10 more.
  • The copyright page will have a small paragraph advertising CyberWitch Press’s formatting.

If you’re interested in budget formatting, be sure to mention it when you email me: