Thanks for being interested in CyberWitch Press!

What do I do?

I take a lot of pride in making sure the ebooks I format look amazing.  The difference between mediocre success and true success is the package in which you are offering your readers.  The package isn’t simply a nice cover and strong blurb to go along with great writing, however.  You need perfect interior formatting, too, as attested to by the very vocal reviewers on Amazon who are unafraid to let you know your formatting isn’t right. If you choose to go with my services, you will have a beautifully formatted book that will look and work the way an ebook and/or Print-On-Demand book should.

I format in HTML – the same language in which webpages are formed.  This ensures that your ebook looks and functions the way it should – professionally – without any of the wonkiness and idiosyncrasies left behind during formatting in a word processor.

I have formatted for some of the top names in the indie world.  Shéa MacLeod is consistently in the top 5k in the Kindle store, and signed a publishing deal with Amazon’s Montlake Romance imprint.  Sheila Horgan consistently remains near the top 1k with a devoted following.  I also do print formatting for David Gaughran, author of one of the hottest self-publishing manuals out there.

What do you get?

I format for mobi (Kindle) and epub (Nook, Kobo, and iTunes, compliant with epubcheck), as well as Smashwords and Createspace. Every ebook includes a copyright page and whatever back matter you would like (Author bio, Acknowledgements, excerpt from your next book with links, etc).

I will keep your book on file indefinitely by 3 different methods–by USB, by external hard drive, and by online backup through Dropbox, so you always have a safe backup in me.

I am able to do many “fancy” things you see in some books, such as chapter glyphs (the little picture under the chapter number), a fancy font for the chapter heading, a large letter for the first word of every chapter, etc. etc.  If you have anything specific you’d like for your ebook, don’t hesitate to ask if I can do it.  However, “fancy” formatting does cost extra — you can find it on the Fancy page.


The Full Package for books UNDER 100 thou words:

  • Mobi/Epub = $75
  • Smashwords = $50
  • Createspace = $75
  • Free PDF
  • + 15% discount
  • TOTAL = $170

The Full Package for books OVER 100 thou:

  • Mobi/Epub = $100
  • Smashwords = $75
  • Createspace = $100
  • Free PDF
  • + 15% Discount
  • TOTAL = $235

This covers plain formatting. If you want to do any of the fancy elements, please refer to the fancy formatting page.

If you’re seeking JUST an ebook format or JUST a print book format, please click below to find the separate charges.

On a limited basis, I also do stock cover design and proofreading. You can email me to inquire about those services.

I now offer Budget Formatting for those on a very strict budget who want to have a professional ebook at low cost. Visit the Budget Formatting page for details.

I send invoices through Paypal – I do not accept payment any other way.

I have a standard two-four week wait time.  It could take less time, but is unlikely to take longer.

I would be happy to email you examples of each format before you hire me in order for you to see my work.  Just drop me an email at and request it 🙂

I do not accept nonfiction EBOOK work – NO EXCEPTIONS. Please visit or for your nonfiction needs.