Changes to CyberWitch

Business has become beyond outrageous.

After a passing mention by Dave Gaughran February, and then an Ask-the-Formatter blog at The Bookshelf Muse in May, I’ve had an INSANE spring and beginning of summer.  From the end of January until, well, STILL, I have been nonstop.

CyberWitch formatting isn’t my only job.  I’m a full time police dispatcher and have been for over four years now.  I work night shift – 11 p to 7 a, and not only that, but I work a rotation.  What this means is I work 8 DAYS in a row, then I have 2 days off.  Then I work 7 DAYS in a row, and get 4 days off.  You ever worked night shift?  It pretty much makes a woman insane.  I sleep around 10 hours a day just so I can make it through the night.  Add the fact that I go such a long period of time between off days, and by the time I AM off work, I don’t want to do anything but run the errands that have built up over the week, visit my family, and then use the one day left to be lazy.

What does this mean?  Well, it means I don’t have a whole lot of free time, as it is.  When I wake up around 6 in the evening, I immediately turn on my computer and start formatting.  I will sit before the screen and continue to work until 945, when I have to get ready for work.  Then, 8 hours at work.  Come home, pass the heck out, and when I wake up, I do it all over again.  Every day.  7 DAYS A WEEK.

That’s right.  I have been getting so much work that I am literally working around the clock.  My life is suffering.  My fiance doesn’t even remember what my eyes look like, my family tells me about get-togethers and dinners, but I miss them because I’m on deadline to a client.  And I’m also a writer, who hasn’t written or released a book since January.

Oh, and did I mention I’m trying to plan a wedding, too?  October.  I don’t have anything but the caterer because I don’t have TIME.

I’m stressed, depressed, and have aged twenty years since last October when I started formatting as a freelancer.  I’ve met some amazing authors who I thoroughly enjoy working for, but I’ve also dealt with people who have made me cry.  True story.

I love formatting – I take so much pride in creating a beautiful ebook or print book.  I don’t want to quit.  But, changes have to be made.  As long as formatting isn’t my full time, life-support career, I can’t pretend it is.

As of today, CyberWitch formatting services are temporarily closed to new clients.

I will continue to work for my already established clients.  If you are NOT already my client, you’ve seen a book of mine, and you’re dying for your book to be as pretty, you can certainly email me and see if I can fit you in.  I very well may.

I’m tentatively planning on opening for the holiday season at the end of the year.  It’s a busy time for ebook formatting as authors try to push out books before the rush.  If I do, I’ll post well in advance.

Thanks for stopping by, and as usual, I am always available by email at for ANY of your formatting or self-publishing questions (free of charge).



2 thoughts on “Changes to CyberWitch”

  1. I love you, sweetie! Somehow, some way, let something go and take some time out for YOU!!! I’ve got a good shoulder and I know how to listen anytime you just want to let off steam!

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