Consequences – Sheila Horgan

Nora McCarthy joyfully lost herself in two things -her kids and her husband. Her kids included a hodgepodge of young people that found their way to her when they needed more than anyone else was willing to provide.

That was before, this is after.

After the kids have grown. After the unexpected death of her husband. After Nora discovered that perhaps her life was not as idyllic as she once believed. Nora is left to deal with the consequences of actions taken by others, actions she had no control over.

Jennifer was a child needing help. Help only Nora was willing to provide. For more than a decade Jennifer bounced between her biological family and Nora. There wasn’t a lot of help for either of them then, Jennifer was a child that fell through the cracks of a broken system. Now that Jennifer is eighteen, there is no help at all.

For the second time in as many weeks Nora is surrounded by cops. Nora has done all the right things for all the right reasons and it might just cost her everything.

Please note: Consequences is approximately 83,000 words, professionally edited and VERY different from Sheila’s best selling books – The Tea Series.

Consequences is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Consequences was a great read!  I actually learned a new trick formatting for Sheila — padding, in case any tech-heads know what that is.   I formatted the Nook and Kindle version for her, as well as a Smashwords.

Sheila is an UBER nice woman with a talent for writing characters that seem so real they could be friends.   She has commissioned me to format her bestselling “Tea series”, so that’s something I’ll be working on for the next couple weeks!

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