My First Kid’s Book Job!

This was definitely a learning experience!  But Dea and I worked closely together on this one to make sure it turned out exactly as she was hoping.  I learned some new things while working on it — mainly about font and image size within the doc.  For the record, Nook and Kindle ereaders support entirely different font and image sizes.  What looks amazing in the Kindle version put five words per page on the Nook; images that filled the screen nicely on the Kindle filled two pages on the Nook… so in the end, the two versions ended up needed separate formatting codes.  EEK!

Dea’s blurb:

The ghosts on earth have a problem…they have no place to live, and the Goblin Police want to send them to Otherworld Jail!
Can Penelope the Witch figure out how to help them, or will the ghosts be running from Officer Splot forever?

Available Now at Amazon!

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