Consequences – Sheila Horgan

Nora McCarthy joyfully lost herself in two things -her kids and her husband. Her kids included a hodgepodge of young people that found their way to her when they needed more than anyone else was willing to provide.

That was before, this is after.

After the kids have grown. After the unexpected death of her husband. After Nora discovered that perhaps her life was not as idyllic as she once believed. Nora is left to deal with the consequences of actions taken by others, actions she had no control over.

Jennifer was a child needing help. Help only Nora was willing to provide. For more than a decade Jennifer bounced between her biological family and Nora. There wasn’t a lot of help for either of them then, Jennifer was a child that fell through the cracks of a broken system. Now that Jennifer is eighteen, there is no help at all.

For the second time in as many weeks Nora is surrounded by cops. Nora has done all the right things for all the right reasons and it might just cost her everything.

Please note: Consequences is approximately 83,000 words, professionally edited and VERY different from Sheila’s best selling books – The Tea Series.

Consequences is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Consequences was a great read!  I actually learned a new trick formatting for Sheila — padding, in case any tech-heads know what that is.   I formatted the Nook and Kindle version for her, as well as a Smashwords.

Sheila is an UBER nice woman with a talent for writing characters that seem so real they could be friends.   She has commissioned me to format her bestselling “Tea series”, so that’s something I’ll be working on for the next couple weeks!

My First Kid’s Book Job!

This was definitely a learning experience!  But Dea and I worked closely together on this one to make sure it turned out exactly as she was hoping.  I learned some new things while working on it — mainly about font and image size within the doc.  For the record, Nook and Kindle ereaders support entirely different font and image sizes.  What looks amazing in the Kindle version put five words per page on the Nook; images that filled the screen nicely on the Kindle filled two pages on the Nook… so in the end, the two versions ended up needed separate formatting codes.  EEK!

Dea’s blurb:

The ghosts on earth have a problem…they have no place to live, and the Goblin Police want to send them to Otherworld Jail!
Can Penelope the Witch figure out how to help them, or will the ghosts be running from Officer Splot forever?

Available Now at Amazon!

Cover Art by Jack Wallen @ Get Jack’d

Today, I must to pimp the man, the myth, the legend… Jack Wallen.  Jack is one of my greatest and closest author friends, but beyond that, he has some MAD cover arts skillz.

Plus, Jack is like me in that he understands we indie authors do this ALL ON OUR OWN.  We don’t have the money to throw down for $200 formatting or $250 covers.  That’s a lot of money.  So his prices are reasonable, which is a major plus in my book!

Check out some of his mock-ups:

Mine! I'm writing a book for this cover!

Cover Jack did for my short story "Underneath'

Jack sez: “I am proud to finally offer cover design as a service for fellow indie authors. And instead of making you pay an arm and a leg to get a professional-looking cover, my rates will be within reason.”


Here are the different packages Jack offers. Each package will include three free revisions (in case you change your mind on something before the book goes live).

  • The Standard Jack’d Package: This package will include a single cover for your ebook.
  • The Jack’d+ Package: This package includes the Basic Package plus a banner that can be used on many sites for advertising (You choose banner size).
  • The Jack Daddy Package: With this package you will get everything above plus a cover for your printed version (such as those necessary for Create Space).
  • All packages include mockup, three free revisions, and final versions.
  • Standard Jack’d Package: $50.00
  • Jack’d+ Package: $75.00
  • Jack Daddy Package: $125.00
  • Extra revisions (beyond included three): $10.00 per revision
  • Any stock photos purchased for use will be added to the price of the final product.

If you’re interested in hiring Jack to create a custom cover for your book, just fill out his request form (once you click through, scroll down to the bottom of the page).  If you want to browse his cover art information on his website, go here.

She swoops down on her broomstick…

I’m hanging my sign, world.  It’s a big, black, pointy witch’s hat with an orange ribbon and sparkles.  It says “HIRE ME!”

I’m already a self-published author striving towards that ultimate goal of becoming a full-time writer.  The ebook formatting is just something that I truly enjoy.

I know, I’m weird.  But formatting is like meditation for me.

(Though my poor, abused eyes probably disagree.)

The site is currently a work in progress as I try to get everything up and running.  I do have my rates up so if anyone needs to know, you’ll find it there — under “Services & Rates” on the tool bar under the logo.

I’ve also got a listing of all the books I’ve formatted, as well as another page covering the books I’ve published under my imprint (and of course, I formatted those too!).

Thanks for stopping by!