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CyberWitch Lowered Rates + Updates

In case the title of the post hasn’t made it clear enough, I’ve lowered my formatting rates for 2016. So if cost has ever been prohibitive for you in your desire to hire me to format your ebooks or print books, maybe you could reconsider!

A standard length novel (under 100k words):

  • Mobi/Epub = $75
  • Smashwords = $50
  • Createspace = $75
  • Free PDF
  • + 15% discount
  • TOTAL = $170

I also added a “Budget Formatting” option for anybody who wants a professionally formatted book for rock-bottom cost.

See “Services & Rates” in the top, right-hand corner of my site for further info.

~ * ~

I’ve posted two anthology calls for submissions:

A Midsummer Night’s Sidhe (due April 4)

Broomsticks (due August 1)

I learned a lot upon releasing Jingle Spells, so for now, until I perfect the process, I’m only doing these two anthologies this year. If you want to be a part, you’ve got plenty of time!

JINGLE SPELLS has been released and has been doing very well, even now that it’s post-Christmas. If you’re interested in picking up a FREE copy of the inaugural CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology, get it at Amazon. It’s a beautifully formatted ebook, and can give you an idea of what I’m capable of when it comes to making your book beautiful.

Hallowthanksmas Sale!

First up – check this post out.

CyberWitch Press is calling for submissions for a paranormal holiday anthology!


What is Hallowthanksmas?

It is when you can walk into your local grocery or big box store to find dangly skeletons and warty witches next to fall-toned turkeys and smiling pilgrims sitting beside fat-bellied, red-suited santas with leers a little too creepy for comfort. It is when even the stores get so excited for the holidays they forget that one needs to pass before they stock for the next.

Hallowthanksmas is that magical time of year that reminds us all why we wait like drooling adolescents for that first crisp scent of fall in the air. It is our favorite time of year, with the promise of candy, food, and presents in our future. If it’s not, you’re probably a robot.

To celebrate this incomparably wonderful three months, I’m running a sale on CyberWitch services! And there’s a nice little bonus to go with it.

If you hire me to format your book during Hallowthanksmas, not only will you receive 20% off the formatting rate, but you will lock in that rate for any future books you return to me to have done. No, you did not misread that, though it is written very strangely. If you hire me to format your book from now until December 31st, you will receive 20% off the formatting cost (excluding image work). If you then return to me in the future for just one book or multiple, you will be charged exactly the same discounted rate. Indefinitely.

So spread the word, my friends. There are thousands of authors out there who need quality formatting done on their books, both new and existing. They need to meet me.

Print Book Formatting Special

When I format a print book, I feel like I have absolute control over the end product, and I’m damn proud of it. I’d love to see more print format requests come in, specifically more requesting the fun stuff I can do with images and fonts!

So along with this post chronicling some of the print books I’ve done in the past, I’m running a special on pricing. Createspace pricing is as follows:

  • Createspace for UNDER 30 thou — $50
  • Createspace for UNDER 70 thou — $75
  • Createspace for OVER 70 thou — $100

For the images and special formatting seen below, I usually charge an extra $50. But I am offering this kind of formatting for no extra charge for the next three months! This way I can build my portfolio, and hopefully grab some new clients.


(These are scans of books I have on hand that I formatted, whether mine or a client’s. Some of the shadows are pretty wonky ‘cuz scanning a book on a flatbed scanner is pretty weird, but you can see the basic format.)

abigail“Abigail” by Me

I was going for whimsical and girly because the book is a fantasy/romance.


anna“Anna” by Julia Crane

Julia picked out the roots because it was “earthy.” I loved the way this book turned out.


csod“Constant State of Disaster” by Me

I’d seen this look in a traditionally published book, and I wanted to emulate it. I actually do that quite a bit. If a client came to me and said “Look at such-and-such’s book. That’s how I want mine,” I could make it happen.


dp“Dark Promise” by Julia Crane & Talia Jager

I love this look. It’s simple but striking.



“Eternal Youth” by Me & Julia Crane

This was one of those books I did based off a trad novel by Susan Wittig Albert.  The text page (below) isn’t a very good scan, but I loved adding the line to the page heading. It made it look so crisp. The final product was pretty damn close to Susan’s.




“Freak of Nature” by Julia Crane

Julia’s main character is a half-human/half-robot hybrid, so she wanted this patch of coding on her chapters. It’s so cool to see when you open the book.



“The House” by Me

I wanted to go “creepy” because it’s a ghost story. The cover has branches on it superimposed over the image of the girl/guy and house, so that’s how I got the idea to use creepy branches.



“Lauren” by Julia Crane

Another example of a simple yet striking chapter heading.


If you’re on a search for a print book formatter, consider giving me a try!

David Gaughran’s “Let’s Get Visible”


The follow up to LET’S GET DIGITAL, the book I recommend to every new writer who asks me “Hey, I wanna self-publish. Where do I start?” I was updating my site and realized I never posted about this back when he released it.  Copied and pasted from his blog:

Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble |

Kobo | Smashwords | $4.99

Here’s the blurb:

Take your sales to the next level! The author of the award-winning, bestselling Let’s Get Digital is back with an advanced guide for more experienced self-publishers.

There are over 1.5 million books in the Kindle Store, with thousands more added every day. How do you get yours noticed? Visibility isn’t a challenge that can be bested once – it requires continual work. But there are tools and strategies to do much of the heavy lifting for you.

In Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books, you’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage Amazon’s famous recommendation engine to take advantage of the various opportunities it provides for exposure
  • Position your books for discoverability on other sales venues
  • Minimize the time you spend promoting so you have more time to spend writing
  • Promote in a cost-effective way that actually works

By using these tips, you will get your book noticed. And getting noticed is the key to growing your sales.

Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords | $4.99

But hey, that’s marketing copy. Here’s what the first reviewers had to say:

Let’s Get Visible is the best tool I have discovered for a writer to push sales and visibility to the next level, and an indispensable addition to the library of any indie writer. If you’re an indie writer and you’re not buying this book, you simply aren’t playing this game to win.” – Michael Wallace, bestselling author of The Righteous.

“Gaughran distills complex subject matter and explains it in a way that anybody can easily understand, and takes the guesswork out of promotion at Amazon. He removes the mysticism and gets you as close as anyone outside of Amazon will probably be to understanding how stuff works behind the curtain.” – David Wright, bestselling author of Yesterday’s Gone.

“If you are a self-publisher looking to improve your ability to get eyeballs on your books, I can’t recommend this title highly enough. The book contains many ideas I’ve used successfully and several I’m now excited to try.” — Cidney Swanson, bestselling author of Saving Mars.

You can check out all the reviews on Amazon US and Amazon UK, and, if you hadn’t guessed already, you can grab a copy at:

Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords | $4.99

ME: Word on the street is Dave’s about to publish a Second Edition to LET’S GET DIGITAL. I’m stoked to see the boatload of info I’m sure he’s added after three years in the publishing biz.

Open for Business

Yep, that’s right – CyberWitch is taking new clients again.

It’s funny, because I was recently denied a job I REALLY FREAKING WANTED working tech support for a software company. But the process of interviews and emails got me so excited about the job, that when they turned me down, I realized how much I love technical stuff. Like formatting.

I started formatting for clients in 2011, only a few months after publishing my first book. I kinda fell into it with a bang, since I never really do anything halfway, and six months later started a year’s worth of workload – more than I could handle on top of my day job. I got some great mentions in the writing community from David Gaughran and The Bookshelf Muse (now called Writers Helping Writers), and so clients poured in.

By the start of last year, I had to tone it back. I was literally losing sleep so I could finish formatting jobs because through it all, I’ve had a full-time day job. But I’ve realized how much I enjoy helping people, whether it’s doing the work for them or writing up posts on formatting tips.

So hopefully I’ll use this blog more. I’ve got some ideas of stuff I’d really like to cover here. And if anyone finds me in a Google search and drops by needing a formatter, just shoot me an email.

Happy spring!

A CyberWitch Ebook Formatting Update

Lots has happened in the world of the CyberWitch!

Number One — Smashwords Formatting.  I’ve finally managed to pull over all of my old Smashwords How-To posts from my real blog.  It is a 5 part series (with a sixth part coming soon on the NCX/TOC).  You can find it on my blog under Articles on Formatting.  I’m hoping to get some other posts up too, including how to do an html TOC.

I’ve taken on several new clients in the past couple months. 

  • I branched into Nonfiction formatting with Pooktre and their “pamphlets” on tree shaping (which is actually a pretty neat thing). 
  • I did a gorgeously written erotic novel by author Kristabel Reed for all 4 platforms (Nook, Kindle, SW, and CS)
  • I’ve also taken on author Larissa Hinton with her cool world of “Iwishacana”, as well as a collection of short fiction and poetry.
  • Eloquent writer Mark Shainblum hired me to format his ROCKIN’ sci-fi short, “Endogamy Blues” — he was referred to me by my lovely cover artist, Stephanie Mooney.  Mark is an excellent writer, and I’m looking forward to possibly working with him on my first formatting of a graphic novel/comic.
  • I worked closely for several weeks with author Phyllis Lily Jules on her heartbreaking, heartwarming debut memoir, “Turning Inside Out”.  Phyllis is one of the kindest, most generous ladies I’ve ever met.  I admire her deeply for her bravery in the face of a hard life, and I highly recommend her book.

I don’t believe this is everyone I’ve taken on in the past few months, but I finally moved my formatting jobs OFF my computer and onto a specific USB for safe-keeping, so it’s not nearby to double-check.  I’m honored to be working with such a grand group of writers!

I’ve also recently taken to what I call “fancy” formatting.  I will be adding it to my list of services.  “Fancy” incorporates fleurons (glyphs) at chapter headings or section breaks, as well as creating pretty title page images.  I did the entire Keegan’s Chronicles series for YA author Julia Crane (ebooks and print), and I’m currently “prettifying” my own books, as well. 

I am also registering CyberWitch Press as an LLC with the state of Kentucky :)

That’s all folks!

Cover Art by Jack Wallen @ Get Jack’d

Today, I must to pimp the man, the myth, the legend… Jack Wallen.  Jack is one of my greatest and closest author friends, but beyond that, he has some MAD cover arts skillz.

Plus, Jack is like me in that he understands we indie authors do this ALL ON OUR OWN.  We don’t have the money to throw down for $200 formatting or $250 covers.  That’s a lot of money.  So his prices are reasonable, which is a major plus in my book!

Check out some of his mock-ups:

Mine! I'm writing a book for this cover!

Cover Jack did for my short story "Underneath'

Jack sez: “I am proud to finally offer cover design as a service for fellow indie authors. And instead of making you pay an arm and a leg to get a professional-looking cover, my rates will be within reason.”


Here are the different packages Jack offers. Each package will include three free revisions (in case you change your mind on something before the book goes live).

  • The Standard Jack’d Package: This package will include a single cover for your ebook.
  • The Jack’d+ Package: This package includes the Basic Package plus a banner that can be used on many sites for advertising (You choose banner size).
  • The Jack Daddy Package: With this package you will get everything above plus a cover for your printed version (such as those necessary for Create Space).
  • All packages include mockup, three free revisions, and final versions.
  • Standard Jack’d Package: $50.00
  • Jack’d+ Package: $75.00
  • Jack Daddy Package: $125.00
  • Extra revisions (beyond included three): $10.00 per revision
  • Any stock photos purchased for use will be added to the price of the final product.

If you’re interested in hiring Jack to create a custom cover for your book, just fill out his request form (once you click through, scroll down to the bottom of the page).  If you want to browse his cover art information on his website, go here.

She swoops down on her broomstick…

I’m hanging my sign, world.  It’s a big, black, pointy witch’s hat with an orange ribbon and sparkles.  It says “HIRE ME!”

I’m already a self-published author striving towards that ultimate goal of becoming a full-time writer.  The ebook formatting is just something that I truly enjoy.

I know, I’m weird.  But formatting is like meditation for me.

(Though my poor, abused eyes probably disagree.)

The site is currently a work in progress as I try to get everything up and running.  I do have my rates up so if anyone needs to know, you’ll find it there — under “Services & Rates” on the tool bar under the logo.

I’ve also got a listing of all the books I’ve formatted, as well as another page covering the books I’ve published under my imprint (and of course, I formatted those too!).

Thanks for stopping by!