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Ebooks and Fonts

Fonts are not all created equal. Before you get into an uproar about why your formatter can’t use your pretty calligraphic font in your ebook, let me explain something. HTML is meant to be universal, meaning no matter who creates … Continue reading

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The Smashwords NCX/TOC

If you’re formatting for Smashwords, READ THIS POST HERE. Let me reiterate–READ THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDE. I even have step-by-step formatting instructions for text only books. Now, we’ll discuss that often elusive Smashwords NCX/TOC. Ever received an error about NCX?  … Continue reading

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Things You May Not Know About Smashwords Formatting

1.) PAGEBREAKS ARE DEPENDENT ON THE TABLE OF CONTENTS Yes, you read that correctly.  That cute little “pagebreak” option in Microsoft Word DOES NOT WORK for Smashwords formatting.  You can put it in the doc, and it won’t mess with … Continue reading

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Print Vs. Digital – Understanding the Flow of Text

Ebooks are not STATIC like print books. So, what does that mean? Well, to start off with, let’s look at print books.  A print book is a work of art.  Every word, every bit of punctuation, every heading and footnote … Continue reading

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Changes to CyberWitch

Business has become beyond outrageous. After a passing mention by Dave Gaughran February, and then an Ask-the-Formatter blog at The Bookshelf Muse in May, I’ve had an INSANE spring and beginning of summer.  From the end of January until, well, … Continue reading

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