Fancy Formatting

What is fancy formatting?  It’s STUFF.

Check this out:

And this:

If you provide me with the fleuron (the image) or the idea that you have, I can place it in your book.  While I created Julia’s title pages, you can also create one yourself that I can use.

You can have a glyph under the actual chapter heading, OR you can opt for the glyph to BE the chapter heading.  Like this:

(Please forgive the picture quality.  They’re screenshots and they look like crap…The real thing is lovely.)

Also, check out this post on my interior print formatting.

I can also do images in a specific font for the chapter headings — like if you want to use the cover font of your book as the font for your chapter headings, I can do that by making images of those headings.

I can do pretty much anything you could hope for.  However, fancy formatting costs more because it is MUCH more time consuming.

On top of my FULL PACKAGE price, it is $75 more to incorporate fancy stuff in the full package or $50 for just one file (ie if we do only the print version.)

This covers any glyphs (If I must make font chapter headings, it is $10 extra) for the chapters and for scenebreaks, the larger first letter of each chapter (not mandatory of course), the title page, and any other images you want included (like the covers to your other books in the back).

Fancy formatting can really set your book apart from the crowd.  I highly recommend doing it :)

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