At this time, I’m only versed in the ways of Createspace interior formatting — but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn something new.  If you use another POD and you’d like to see if I can do it, just drop me a line.  Chances are, I can learn it.

You must send me a Word .doc or .rtf OR an OpenOffice doc (.odt) OR a .pdf. I can’t accept Pages documents at this time.

I will send you the Createspace approved PDF back for upload, as well as the formatted Word .doc.  The prices below are for text and simple chapter headings only.

  • Createspace for UNDER 30 thou — $50
  • Createspace for UNDER 70 thou — $75
  • Createspace for OVER 70 thou — $100

If your book is over 140k, it is $35 extra due to substantial length. 

If there are chapter images or any kind of fancy formatting, it is an extra charge of $50.

**I’ll knock $10 off your price if you’ll mail me a copy of your print book for my collection after we’re done :)

2 thoughts on “Createspace”

    1. I have someone trying to finish a book cover for my new book. Shadid a good job on the ebook cover but is having a hard time with the trade paper back cover. What is your charge for a 300 page book.

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